Preferred Travel Hosting Services

Our focus

Is on providing you with hosting services that will help you grow your travel business.
Who We Are

Preferred Travel is a local hosting agency that offers training, marketing support, and much more, for the independent travel agents who are looking to be successful building their own brand identity. Our affiliates benefit from being a part of a larger group allowing them to earn meaningful commissions and overrides through the volume of the host as a whole, as well as networking with experienced travel professionals…

Hosting Services Program Features & Benefits

Preferred Travel Hosting Services is a hybrid program tailored to the independent contractor who would like to maintain and/or grow their travel business without the high costs of the national hosting agencies. The benefits of staying local are: …

Affiliate Programs

All programs have a one-time start-up fee of $95. Affiliates are screened through a professional background check and must carry their own Errors & Omissions Insurance. Click here for more detail on specific programs.

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